Concierge Nutrition Services

Welcome to the Club!

I understand that changing lifelong dietary habits often requires a bit of support - whether that's assistance navigating menus, help making decisions in the grocery store, or clarifying general questions that arise.


But don't worry, I'm here to help you succeed!


As a concierge member, you will enjoy the exclusive benefits of unlimited access to my advice and support. You will get real time feedback as your questions arise, providing you with highly personalized nutrition advice for one monthly fee. With unlimited calls, texts, emails, and skype sessions, members are assured a more convenient, collaborative, and connected relationship. Through this around-the-clock access, you'll never be left without support!

  • One month membership: $1,000

  • 3 month package: $2,550   (10% savings!)

  • 6 month package: $5,100   (15% savings!)

With a membership you'll receive unlimited Zoom consultations PLUS calls, texts, and emails! You will also receive exclusive access to the app ATE that allows you to track and journal your food, so that I can analyze your choices and provide you with real time feedback.

*Memberships are strictly limited in number to provide you with a high level of personal attention, care and support you deserve. Please contact beatifylife@gmail.com to inquire before purchasing.