How to dry sautée

Heat the pan on high until it is very hot. You'll know it is ready for your food when you do the Leidenfront Water Test.

You can test when the pan is ready by sprinkling a bit of water onto it. The water should bounce around on the pan and look like little mercury balls. This is called the Leidenfrost Effect. The pan has become so hot that it has created a thin sheet of steam between itself and the water. Now the water is unable to attach to the pan's surface, so instead of sticking, surface tension causes it to pull itself into a round blob that resembles mercury. 

So once your water dances around like mercury, it's ready! Now you can add food and it'll have the same effect!

Add your vegetables and then turn down the temperature so it doesn't burn.

(You may need to add a bit of water or vegetable broth as time goes on, depending on what vegetable you're sauteeing).